Friday, August 17, 2012

Why Friends?

Why Friends?

I don't want to take much time to share this ideas about friends and Why Should we have friends? and What way they help us in this society?  How to make real online Friends?  I don't mind to say something which silly way to introduce my friends.  I have more friends from my First Standard but I could not continue all the friendship.  Why?  I dont have the right answer for this question but I can not have the way of thinking about friendship and its follow up.

Some of my friends are having nice follow up from all kinds of friends ship because they doesn't care anything.  Now I get experience from my friends to make real friends which help us to improve our knowledge, business and my systematic life style and more.  All of my friends are having now link with me in and facebook and many social community sites.

I never forget anyone who were my friends and who are my friends but I don't have time to follow them.  But Now I try to talk with them when I have free time.  I didn't mind to say sorry when I take long time to contact them.  I have more experienced by this experience and I am very much happy to talk with my friends who are all now contacting me again.  

Now I share and care more friends and which help me a lot in my life.  I have found new thinks in my life because of my new friendship following ideas so I never mind to talk wtih them to make free time for my friends.  So you just give your time and share your ideas with your friends which help you to make your life better.

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