Friday, March 22, 2013

Why should we mingle with Community?

I have written last blog about Why Friends? Now I need to give you another blog post which help you to know about to why should we mingle with Community?  We as family like Father, Mother and Children.  Also we have Grand Father and Grand Mother who are they with in our family.   Now all other population are calculated as community.

Why should we might with friends and other community? The reason is nothing but we should not get everything at our home.  So we should find food, home and dress materials to get from our community.  So all the communities are living in the world.  World is having full of natural like trees, animals, water resources and many which is needed by human.  So all the humanity need to get all the resources from the earth then they should mingle with the certain community which help them to get what they don't have?

Also Friendship is one of the key to share your thoughts and ideas between you and other community then you can exchange your products or money between the communities.  I wonder the nature does everything and it helps a lot to the human to share the food, dress and other products through exchange products or money.

Now we have improved in communication, and other science products are dominating the world and we now share our ideas in online which help us to reach worldwide easily.  So we should mingle with community to get everything in the world.

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